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Collaborative Divorce: Is it right for you?

Divorce is hard. There is just no escaping that fact. And for many years there was only one path to divorce and that was court, which made it even worse.  In fact – the research has borne out that litigation -especially with children involved – can cause lasting trauma and actually serves to  destroy families. …
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Divorce Proof Your Marriage

It may sound a little odd to be getting marriage advice from a divorce attorney.  I have survived a high conflict divorce, been happily married for 10 years to my current husband, and have handled 100s of divorces as an attorney. It may be safe to say, I have learned a thing or two about…
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Celebrate Valentine’s Day Single

Celebrating Valentine’s Day while single can be really hard and cause a whole mix of emotions. Trust me, I’ve been there.  Nothing can make you feel more lonely and heartbroken than watching your married friends go out on romantic dinner dates filled with flowers and candy. How are you supposed to celebrate love when you’re single and maybe even still heartbroken?!

Green Flags: What to look for when you hire a divorce attorney

January has been coined “divorce month” in the United States. Statistically speaking – more people file for divorce in the month of January than any other.  This likely because people are evaluating their lives at the end of the year, and ready to make a fresh start.  Others were just waiting to get through one…

Everything You Need to Know about a Parent Coordinator

In October I completed the certification training to become a Certified Parent Coordinator. Most people have never heard of a parent coordinator. So this blog post answers the most commonly asked questions regarding PCs. What is a parent coordinator and what do they do? A parent coordinator is usually either a mental health professional or attorney who…

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