Green Flags: What to look for when you hire a divorce attorney

January has been coined “divorce month” in the United States. Statistically speaking – more people file for divorce in the month of January than any other.  This likely because people are evaluating their lives at the end of the year, and ready to make a fresh start.  Others were just waiting to get through one more holiday season.  If you’re reading this blog post, it is likely because you are considering divorce and interviewing possible attorneys. Here are four green flags to look for when you’re ready to hire a divorce attorney.

1. Their values and goals align with yours

The family law system in this country is broken.  It is designed to keep parties in conflict because that is what keeps them in litigation which drives profit.  Much like the pharmaceutical industry, it thrives on people staying unhealthy.  If your attorney instills fear and encourages litigation this is likely because they are not interested in what is best for your family, but in what is best for their bottom line.  Our mission is to provide compassionate and holistic legal services serving the best interests of our clients and their families. You can learn more about me and our mission here. 9 times out of 10 that means staying out of court, and finding reasonable compromise through advocacy, mediation and settlement.  Our goal is to prepare you for your next chapter in a matter of months, instead of keeping you tied up in court for years.

 2. They give you options

There is no one size fits all divorce, and a good attorney will tell you that.  You can find a list of divorce services here. If the only option they give you is litigating your case, you will want to keep looking unless you know 100% that is the way you want to go.  There are many ways to get divorced, and a good attorney will educate you about the options and put you in touch with the right people if they are unable to handle your case themselves. When you hire a divorce attorney, be sure they provide options.

3. They ask YOU questions.

Chances are if an attorney doesn’t ask you any questions about your life, your family and your goals for your case, then you are just that, another case- not a human being with hopes and dreams for a better future.  A good divorce attorney will demonstrate compassion with boundaries and leave you feeling you are more than just another retainer fee in their trust account.

4. They set clear expectations 

A good divorce attorney knows that setting expectations early and often is the key to a happier client.  If you don’t leave the consultation with a good understanding of the next steps and what is to come, then that will likely continue to be your experience as their client.  Divorce is stressful enough to feel lost in the dark all the time.  They should provide you with a clear sense of direction and guidance. 

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