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Divorce Etiquette: Celebrity Case Studies!

The Do’s and Don’t’s of Divorce This month’s blog post is a little bit different and super fun! I am sharing divorce do’s and don’t’s by looking at celebrity divorces and how the couple’s went about their divorce. There is much to be learned by those in the spot light! Some couples have done it…

Protecting Your Children’s Future

Estate Planning for Moms and Dads Imagine this scenario:  You and your spouse are all packed and ready to celebrate your anniversary on a dream trip to Greece.  You’ve thought of everything: the perfect itinerary is planned, passports renewed, and you arranged for your in-laws to watch the kids while you are away with detailed…

Lessons and Blessing from Divorce

There is no way around it, divorce is a really heavy topic. Even when you are the one filing for divorce, it’s tough. When you’re in the middle of divorce and sometimes even for the next few years following, it can feel impossible to think there could be anything good to come from this. So…

On June 2nd, my husband Joe and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary with a private sunset vow renewal and dinner on the beach at The Don Cesar. The reason I am sharing this is to give you hope for your future.
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The Five Essential Components of Every Estate Plan

Many people assume that a will is all that is needed when it comes to estate planning.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  A good estate plan should be designed to avoid probate court, save on taxes, protect your assets, and appoint someone to make medical and financial decisions for you if you become…

Are You Prepared?

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