Tips for making it through the “month of love” from divorce survivors.

Tips for surviving divorce & separation during the “month of love”.

February can be an especially difficult month for those struggling in their relationships. In this article, I will share advice from a former client, a divorce coach and dear friend, and even myself for how to use this time to reflect on what your experience has done to make you who you are today.

Yomarie – Former Client

“I learned from my divorce process that you need to believe in yourself and that you can do it. That there is light at the end of the tunnel. I did not visualize my life after 10 years with the same person going it alone with 2 kids. As soon as I filed for divorce, I applied for a home loan and in less than a month now I will become a homeowner of a place that I can call mine! I feel peace and happiness now!”

Kadie – Divorce Coach

“The takeaways from my divorce that I want others to know is that no matter how bad it feels, it is temporary.  In time, things will get better.  Don’t make  decisions based on emotion.  Take time to think about the options before you agree or disagree.  Understand that you should be the one making the decisions, not the professionals around you. Learn to respond to your soon-to-be ex but not react to them. This takes practice and is very challenging but you will empower yourself by learning this skill.  Take time for yourself to grieve, feel and explore the possibilities after the divorce.  Allow your children to also grieve and feel their emotions. Instead of trying to shield them from everything, create a safe space for them to learn healthy ways to manage their emotions.  There is life after divorce. It might not be the one you envisioned, but this change creates a chance. A chance to relearn who you are and to fall in love with a life that you choose! 

Christine – Divorce Attorney

“If you are dreading Valentines Day this year – instead of focusing on the love you’ve lost find ways to celebrate the love you still have. That means your kids, your friends, your family and yourself. Stay off social media for a day or two and remember its ok to have blues just don’t let it steal your hope. All of us who’ve survived divorce have been in your shoes, and I promise happier days are ahead. Sending you lots of strength to make it through!”

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