Divorce Etiquette: Celebrity Case Studies!

The Do’s and Don’t’s of Divorce

This month’s blog post is a little bit different and super fun! I am sharing divorce do’s and don’t’s by looking at celebrity divorces and how the couple’s went about their divorce. There is much to be learned by those in the spot light! Some couples have done it really well and some did all the wrong things. Let’s dig in!

Kim & Kanye

I have to side with Kim K on this one. She is doing everything right.

🚨 DON’T: Air your dirty laundry on social media like Kanye did. This is a big no-no and my #1 pet peeve. First of all, it can be used as evidence against you later. Secondly, it can eventually be seen by your children. It’s just not a good look. In fact, in my contracts I have a social media clause forbidding my clients to discuss their case online. If you want to work with my office, this behavior will not be tolerated.

✨ DO: Take the high road if your STBX is engaging in non-sense behavior as Kanye was. Responding of any kind will only escalate the behavior. It is evident Kim is keeping in mind that despite all of his faults, Kanye is still father of her kids.

Kevin Costner & Christine Baumgartner

I’m neutral on these two.  I think they have both engaged in bad behavior.

🚨 DON’T:  Tell the kids about the divorce via zoom without warning your STBX first.  As much as I love him in Yellowstone, I definitely don’t love this.  Kids should learn in person about their parents splitting up, ideally from both parents at the same time (if no domestic violence issues are present).  Ambushing the kids and his wife is not the way to keep the kid’s best interests at heart.

🚨 DON’T: Be greedy and unreasonable.  Baumgartner recently went to a two day hearing because she wanted her $139k per month child support bumped up to $248k.  The judge ended up cutting it to $63k per month.  Its likely her total unreasonable attitude was evident to the judge and further   more, it’s easy to imply that Costner likely offered to settle for more than $63k.  That is the risk you take when you go to court.  You never know how a judge will rule.

Jason Sudeikis  & Olivia Wilde

Definitely Team Wilde on this one.

🚨 DON’T: Ambush your STBX. It was reported that Jason had her served with custody papers while she was on stage giving a speech.  This is another big no-no for me.  Remember, with children involved, you want to give an amicable resolution your best effort,  starting things off on this foot is not the way to do that.  Publicly humiliating and hurting the mother of your children in this way is not a good look. I always advise my clients to let their STBX to know the papers are coming – divorce by ambush is the worst possible way to start your divorce.

In fact in our cases, I specifically use a private investigator to serve all our cases, specifically for the purpose that they are not served at work or in front of their children- and with a private investigator can work with our client for the best time and place to serve them. 

So while I adore Ted Lasso – I don’t love this move at all.

Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen

✨ This one is ALL the do’s. If you want to see a master class in how to divorce right – you can look at their case. Tom & Gisele worked out their agreement on the money and the kids amicably and  fairly, and then filed everything together and all at once for the court to sign off on their agreement.

✨ I can only imagine the hundreds of thousands of dollars of legal fees saved, not to mention how much better their kids fared through the process. I know that Mr. Brady had one hell of a pre-nup which certainly sped up the process, but still, I have seen fights over prenups go on for years.  

✨ Kudos for them who chose to put the drama behind them and focus on being great co-parents together. It is possible to amicably divorce even with millions of dollars at stake.

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